Education Under Attack 2018

This report is the fourth edition of Education under Attack. It builds on the 2014 study published by the Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack and the 2007 and 2010 publications by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The present edition covers the five-year period from January 2013 to December 2017. The previous edition included profiles of 30 countries that had experienced at least five incidents of attacks on education in which students or education personnel were harmed, including at least one direct attack or one person killed, between 2009 and mid-2013. The current study includes profiles of 28 countries that experienced at least 20 attacks on education during the 2013-2017 reporting period, regardless of the severity of the incidents. Although significant data gaps remain and data quality varies, reporting of attacks on education has become more comprehensive and systematic over the last five years.

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Attacks on Education