Education and Crisis: Toward Strengthened Response

In preparation for the Oslo Summit on Education for Development (July 6-7, 2015), the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) has been commissioned by the Government of Norway to develop a background paper that sets out key issues in relation to the field of education in emergencies. Using existing evidence and through new analysis, the paper will review; a) the challenge of maintaining provision of safe and quality education services in emergencies, including protracted crisis; b) the current architecture including humanitarian and development approaches; and c) potential solutions to address gaps. During the INEE Steering Group and Working Group spring meetings, held at Teachers College, Columbia University, the INEE Secretariat facilitated a consultation on April 29, 2015. At the outset of the meeting, participants shared their knowledge of the discussions around the possibility of establishing a new education in emergencies fund or platform.

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Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

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Allison Anderson