Do our children have life skills and values? Assessment of Life skills and Values in East Africa (ALiVE): Kenya Report

This report is a product of collaborative work among more than 2000 people across Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. A contextualized tool developed via a learning-through-doing approach by 47 people, advisory teams of more than 25 local experts, more than 100 trainers, and close to 800 assessors. This work is evidence of fortitude and our story of self-empowerment.

ALiVE has developed a valid and reliable tool for assessing problem solving, collaboration, self-awareness, and respect proficiencies of in and out-of-school adolescents in Kenya. This report draws attention to several issues which have implications for assessing life skills and values as well as developing life skills and nurturing values in East Africa. This is a call to action for all of us – how do we move from having a tool and evidence to ensuring that all our children in Kenya have the needed life skills and values to navigate the 21st-century world?

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