Disaster Recovery Guidance Series: Education Sector Recovery

This Guidance Note provides practical guidance to national governments about key priorities for the education sector following a major disaster or crisis. It specifies a set of considerations and actions to help ensure that the education sector can:

  1. maintain its core functions in the midst of a crisis;
  2. allow for streamlined recovery from shocks;
  3. minimize disaster and conflict risks; and
  4. improve the sector’s adaptation and resilience to future crises.

The Note also complements the World Bank’s Recovery and Reconstruction Roadmap for Safer and More Resilient Schools (GFDRR 2018), an innovative tool that governments can use as a guide to designing and implementing systematic actions to support the recovery, reconstruction, and improvement of education sector  infrastructure in the aftermath of a disaster.

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Published by

World Bank
Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery

Authored by

Ritesh Shah, Chris Henderson, Daniel Couch


Risk Reduction and Resilience