Curriculum Content Planning Framework (CCPF) Practical Maths Programme

Drawing from a decade of experience in developing gamified Math content for Grade 1 – 3 learners in seven countries, Can’t Wait To Learn (CWTL) has now designed a full maths programme that can be used in the classroom with a level of standards that are flexible and adaptable to different curricula around the world. The Curriculum Content Planning Framework opens up the CWTL game content for blended (tech / non-tech) use as well as providing “off the shelf” math lessons for schools that may not have access to tech.

This framework is a comprehensive guide, instructions and ready to use set of video tutorials that are easy to follow and use in any educational environment be that education in emergency or low resource settings.

The Curriculum Content Planning Framework consists of:

  • Two general guidance documents on CWTL’s Math Framework including it’s core principles and learning outcomes, linked to the CWTL video’s and mini-games: Video and Workbook Overview and Instruction Guidance Scripts
  • A set of teacher resources, supporting teachers with a wealth of additional math games, tangible suggestions and materials on how to use the CWTL video’s in their classrooms, combined with guidance on exercises and student’s workbooks for all three grades.
  • Two video tutorials for teachers, explaining the Math Framework and how to use it (including a handbook for a one-day teacher training)
  • 200 instructional videos that can be used in all classroom situations or adapted for contextualized content (accessible on YouTube through the links in the guidance documents and downloadable versions upon request). The videos are also available for you to edit and amend under the creative commons terms of use.

For more information on what the Curriculum Content Planning Framework is and how to use the guide watch the introductory video here, and watch a short teacher tutorial here.

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