Training Materials

Creating Healing Classrooms

Published by
International Rescue Committee (IRC)
Psychosocial Support
Teachers - Wellbeing
Learning Domains and Outcomes - Physical Wellbeing
Social and Emotional Learning

Included are a collection of guides and tools that were created and piloted through the International Rescue Committee's (IRC) Healing Classrooms Initiative. 

The IRC’s Healing Classrooms approach is based on four years of action research and field testing, as well as their extensive experience in design and implementing education programs in conflict-affected areas. In the context of sudden onset and chronic crises, as well as contexts of post-crisis and state fragility, the Healing Classrooms approach is designed to develop and strengthen the role that schools and particularly teachers play in promoting the psychosocial recovery and well-being of children and youth. It encourages an inclusive approach to education, in which all children and youth are welcomed – including girls, children of different ethnic origin, and children with disabilities.

It recognizes that crises and displacement impact children and youth socially and emotionally and heighten their risks of facing abuse and exploitation, even within schools, and that training, ongoing support, and monitoring and referral systems are critical in making schools safe spaces. The approach particularly focuses on expanding and supporting the positive role that teachers play in making and maintaining “healing” learning spaces in which all children and youth can recover, grow, and develop.