COVID-19 Needs Assessments - Education Findings: Schools Closures and Distance Learning

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Save the Children
Programme Cycle - Needs Assessment & Analysis
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Alternative Education - Distance Education

21 needs assessment reports from 14 country offices, produced as of 28 July 2020 were analysed for education-related findings. Most assessments conducted to date have been multi-sectoral, with a focus on the impact of COVID-19 on children and families. Given the scale of school closures, the impact on children’s learning and wellbeing is a common thread throughout the assessments. Since most were conducted in April and May, 1-2 months into school closures, the majority of education findings relate to the impact of school closures, how children are spending their time out of school, and their experience of distance learning. Very little information emerged that relates to the reopening of schools.

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