Policy Brief

COVID-19 and the Global Education Emergency: Planning Systems for Recovery and Resilience

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Prachi Srivastava, Alejandra Cardini, Iván Matovich, Hugues Moussy, Amélie A. Gagnon, Robert Jenkins, Nicolas Reuge, Kate Moriarty, Sonja Anderson
Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Research and Evidence
Education Sector Planning
Programme Cycle - Strategic Planning

COVID-19 has caused the largest education disruption in history and exposed the scale to which education systems were unprepared for crises. Country-wide school closures were a near-universal policy response deemed necessary in the first phase. However, they have serious negative effects and deepen inequities. The G20 countries face dual challenges. They must respond domestically and, some, as OECD DAC donors. This brief recommends crisis-sensitive educational planning with a strong equity focus to ensure education continuity, predicated on comprehensive health measures. It suggests actions for the G20 countries and donors to rebuild and support resilient education systems, moving from first response to recovery.