Child Well-Being Contextualization Guide and Package

The package of child well-being resources includes: 

1) Defining and Measuring Child Well-Being in Humanitarian Action: A Contextualization Guide 

Ensuring children’s well-being is generally recognized as the ultimate goal of child protection in humanitarian action (CPHA). A global definition of child well-being and a contextualized framework by which to measure it will improve efforts in program planning, coordination, and evaluation whether at the individual agency or inter-agency level.

This Guide highlights the key steps in the process of adapting the global inter-agency child well-being definition and measurement framework to context. It includes all of the contextualization and measurement tools and questionnaires, including an Excel data analysis tool which is found in the list of resources below. 

2) Training package, including PowerPoint slide deck and Facilitator Guide 

The training package provides practical guidance, support and materials to help the training facilitators successfully implement the training for data collectors in a manner that maximizes learning. This guide is accompanied by a selection of training tools, including a PowerPoint slide deck and sample training agenda. 

3) Child Well-Being in Humanitarian Action: A Desk Review 

This review represents the first steps taken in a larger process to develop an overarching definition of child protection that can be adapted according to context and used to define strategic objectives within humanitarian response. 

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