"All That I Have Lost": Impact of Attacks on Education for Girls and Women in Kasai Central Province, Democratic Republic of Congo

This report documents abuses that women and girls experienced when schools were attacked in the Kasais, focusing specifically on Kasai Central province, where the conflict originated and where the largest number of schools were attacked. The Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA) conducted over 55 interviews with female students, principals and teachers who were present during the attacks to use as a basis for this report. 

This research is part of a multi-country study on the impact of attacks on education on women and girls, which GCPEA initiated because girls and women are affected differently by attacks on education and military use of schools and universities than boys and men, and may require different responses to support their recovery and return to education. 

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Global Coalition to Protection Education from Attack (GCPEA)

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Holly Cartner, Gender Project Consultant


Attacks on Education

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Democratic Republic of the Congo