Accelerating Learning for Children in Developing Countries: Joining Research and Practice

An educational and training revolution is underway in many places in the world. It is based on recent discoveries about the neurobiology of learning and on psychological and educational research about school and classroom strategies that accelerate student achievement. We know much more than ever before about learning, and this knowledge can be applied to accelerating learning for children in developing countries. This monograph draws together knowledge from both the educational and the development literature on accelerated learning for the benefit of development and education practitioners. The education literature reviewed includes writings from the effective schools movement and from groundbreaking work in accelerated/natural learning. Development literature reviewed includes summaries of successful accelerated programs, girls' education initiatives, and use of media and communications technology in addition to general writings on improving primary education in developing countries.

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Published by

US Agency for International Development (USAID)

Authored by

Judith A. Charlick


Accelerated Education Program (AEP)