Accelerated Education Programme Monitoring & Evaluation Toolkit

The purpose of this toolkit is to support the design and implementation of M&E Frameworks for specific accelerated education programmes in order to support learning and accountability.

The toolkit consists of a user manual plus five tools in a single Excel document (Annex 4) which are all editable. Each tool should be edited and adapted to meet the needs of your context and programme:

  1. Accelerated Education Programme Theory of Change (TOC)
  2. Objectives and Indicator Menu
  3. Sample Logical Framework (LogFrame)
  4. Sample M&E Plan
  5. Sample Indicator Monitoring Table

The toolkit also comes with three additional Annexes, to support the development of a programme’s M&E Framework:

  1. Theory of Change
  2. Suggested Specifications for Recommended Indicators
  3. Template for an M&E Plan Narrative

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