INEE Pocket Guide to Inclusive Education

The INEE pocket guide, “Education in Emergencies: Including Everyone”, takes a broad look at inclusive education principles and the types of actions that can be taken to make education in crises contexts more inclusive. It a quick reference guide to help practitioners make sure that education in emergencies is accessible and inclusive for everyone, particularly those who have been traditionally excluded from education. This pocket guide outlines useful principles for an inclusive education approach in emergencies and provides advice for planning, implementing and monitoring. The guide also looks at the issue of resistance to inclusion, and highlights ways in which organisations can support their emergency staff to develop more inclusive education responses. The Pocket Guide complements the INEE Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery (INEE Minimum Standards), particularly the crosscutting issues reflected within them. These relate to human and children’s rights, gender, HIV/AIDS, disability and vulnerability.

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Inclusive Education