SAR 2020 Global Congress

Organized by
Scholars at Risk Network
25 — 28 March 2020
Washington, DC & Baltimore
Levels of Learning - Tertiary Education

Scholars at Risk invites you to the SAR Network 2020 Global Congress on March 25-28, 2020, convened in partnership with Johns Hopkins University and the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

The 2020 Global Congress theme, Truth, Power & Society: The Promise of Higher Education in Challenging Times reflects three core roles of higher education: research and teaching leading to new insights and understanding, evidence-based contributions to public discourse and policy, and meaningful engagement with the broadest public good. How scholars, students, leaders, and the public understand these roles goes to the heart of increasing pressures on higher education around the world—from outside infringements on autonomy to violent protests to wrongful prosecutions, imprisonment and more.

Join network members, partners and guests at the 2020 Global Congress to share experiences and develop good practices for navigating these pressures and capturing opportunities to protect threatened scholars, promote academic freedom and defend everyone’s freedom to think, question and share ideas.

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