INEE Advocacy for Education in Emergencies (Arabic)

Organized by
Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)
27 April 2020, 9:00am - 10:30am

INEE is pleased to invite you to join us for a webinar:

INEE Advocacy for Education in Emergencies (delivered in Arabic)

Monday, 27 April 2020, 12 PM (Lebanon Time)


During this Arabic-language webinar on Advocacy for Education in Emergencies (EiE), presenters will share their knowledge and experiences developing advocacy strategies and highlighting successful campaigns they have worked on in a variety of contexts. The second half of the webinar will include an open discussion with participants about useful techniques, capacity gaps, and needs that could be addressed by the INEE Advocacy Working Group (AWG).

The webinar is intended to serve two objectives: (1) understand the concept of advocacy for education in emergencies, (2) build capacity of Arabic-speaking organizations to advocate for education in emergencies.  

This webinar will be conducted in Arabic and all are welcome to join. Registration is free and easy using the link above. Once you register, a unique join URL will be sent to your email.

Webinar Recording

Click the video below to watch the recording or watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/iQ6uU_Uwa8I

If you have any questions about about this webinar, please visit the INEE website or write to arabic@inee.org

Presenters bios

  • Elsy Wakil:  is the General Secretary of The Arab House for Adult Education and Development (AHAED). Former Executive for the Middle East & Program Director for Peace Building and Overcoming Violence at the World Student Christian Federation (2008-2019). A member of the Greek Orthodox Church, Ms. Wakil first joined WSCF through the Orthodox Youth Movement of Lebanon in 1995. Elsy comes to the job from her previous role as Assistant General Secretary for the Middle East Ecumenical Popular Education Programme (2005-2008), where she worked training trainers in Human Rights, Popular Education and Development, She is the founder of the Lebanese Coalition of the Global Campaign for Education (Arab Network Popular Education) (2010 – till now). ANPE is member in the CCNGO as well.  She has taught her specialist field of Information Technology in schools and through popular education programmes and has held a number of management and administration jobs, including administrator of the WSCF Middle East Regional Office (1995-2002) and Finance and Administration Manager for Habitat for Humanity, Lebanon. She is a GCE board member representing the Arab Region and INEE Advocacy Working Group member representing GCE.
  • Refaat Sabbah:  is the General Director (and founder) of the Teacher Creativity Center. The Center is part of a number of international initiatives, including the Global Campaign for Education (GCE) and Global Call to Action Against Poverty (GCAP). Refat is the regional coordinator of Arab Campaign for Education for all.  He is also the Chair of the Arab Network for Human Rights and Citizenship Education (ANHRE),) ,He got an honor PHD from  Almaref University for his work to support the education in Yemen. Refat completed his Masters degree in 2004 from Birzeit University, Palestine, in Women Development and Law. He completed a Diploma degree in adult training development, from Toronto University, Canada, 1999, in addition to his Bachelor Degree in Arabic Language, and a Diploma in Journalism from Birzeit University, 1997. In addition  Refat is the author of “Education and International Development”, a chapter in Introduction to International Development: Approaches, Actors and Issues (Oxford University Press 2008). He is also the visa chair of the Regional support group for the ED2030 with UNESCO ,and finally he has chosen to be mamber in ED2030 steering committee leading by UNESCO as well as a member of the Advisory board for the Global Education monitoring report (GEM). Recently Sabbah elected as a president of the Global Campaign for Education  on November 2018
  • Fotouh Younis: ANHRE Director Based in Amman: Fotouh Mahmoud Younes is a social actor and a human rights educator who led, through many initiatives and organizations, remarkable advocacy campaigns for education, women, gender equality and peace. She is running Arab Network for Civic Education (ANHRE) as its Executive Director. ANHRE’s main focus is SDGs, citizenship and human rights education. She has vast experience in development of local communities, CBOs and NGOs. She has a master advocacy fellowship on New Tactics awarded by Academy for Education Development as an advocacy trainer and practitioner. She is leading, through its work at ANHRE, the effort of the collaborative work to promote the values of citizenship and the culture of human rights and to include the principles of gender equality, the rights of persons with disability and the rights of the most vulnerable groups to discrimination and exclusion through coordination of efforts and capacity building among civil society in the Arab world.
  • Gabriel El Khili:  is an Education specialist. He is trained in the social sciences, international relations and smart Learning (Education). I the past 10 years,Gabriel has worked for different UN organizations (UNESCO, UNOCHA, UNRWA and UNHCR) in different contexts, namely: developing, Fragility and crisis situations. In his quality as peacekeeping observer, information officer, Education program specialist, and office coordinator; Gabriel dealt with a number of issues, ranging from peacekeeping observation and international Humanitarian law, Education policy and capacity building, Human Rights and global citizenship, to social transformations, intercultural dialogue and conflict prevention. Currently, Gabriel is the responsible for Education sector at UNHCR Mauritania office dealing mainly with provision of quality education for Refugees in the Camp of Mberra and in the urban contexts.