Glossary Term

Organizations of persons with disabilities

Organizations and associations that are led, directed, and governed by persons with disabilities; that are committed to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; and that fully respect the principles and rights affirmed therein. They also include organizations for the families and relatives of persons with disabilities, which represent groups that in some contexts may not have the legal capacity to form organizations, such as children (i.e., minors) with disabilities and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Some OPDs represent persons with all types of impairments, while others focus on a particular impairment, gender, or sectoral issue. They may represent people in a particular geographic area or those who belong to an international or national network. While OPDs can be direct responders, they also play a critical role in representing the perspectives and priorities of crisis-affected persons with disabilities throughout the humanitarian program cycle. In order to achieve an effective locally led response, their role must be recognized and supported.