[NEW RESOURCE] Early Childhood Development in Acute Emergencies Brief

Levels of Learning - Early Childhood Development

We are delighted to share a new brief, The Need to Provide Holistic Support to Young Children in Acute Emergencies

ECD Cover EnThis brief calls attention to the need for dedicated resources and policies that address the unique needs of young children and their families, caregivers, and communities during acute emergencies. By raising awareness and providing evidence-based recommendations, the brief aims to encourage collaboration across different sectors and stakeholders to work together to create fundamental, lasting changes. This contributes to ensuring that young children affected by acute emergencies receive the support and opportunities they need for optimal development and well-being. 

This resource is a free and open-source global good and should be contextualized for use in alignment with local needs, norms, and values. It is available in English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, and we encourage you to share it widely! 

We would like to thank Nomisha Kurian for her collaborative, iterative, and thoughtful approach to developing this resource. We would like to thank the members of the INEE Early Childhood Development Working Group and other individuals who gave their time and expertise to inform this brief. 

If you have questions or feedback about this resource, please contact Maria Benavides at maria.benavides@inee.org. We also encourage you to join the #EarlyChildhoodDevelopment channel in the INEE Community of Practice (free to join!).