Important Call for Inputs! - INEE Strategic Framework, 2024-2030

Right to Education
INEE Minimum Standards

As you may know, the INEE Strategic Framework, 2018-2023, concluded at the end of last year. Through several challenging years for the humanitarian-development field, and for education in emergencies in particular, INEE succeeded in achieving several results during the past strategic framework period, including:

  • Played a leading role in elevating education at two Global Refugee Forums (2019, 2023);
  • Co-founded with partners the Initiative for Strengthening Education in Emergencies Coordination (ISEEC) and the EiE Hub;
  • Responded to the global COVID-19 pandemic through mutual support and learning exchange;
  • Restructured our network spaces to equitably and meaningfully elevate the fullness of INEE members’ voices in our shared work;
  • Expanded INEE’s footprint in education thematic areas, learning and development, data and evidence, and more; and
  • Updated the INEE Minimum Standards for Education for an evolving humanitarian-development landscape (to be launched in the coming months).

All of this and more is our shared, collective impact as a network of now more than 21,000 members in more than 190 countries. This progress is because of you and your contributions and commitment to INEE.

Even with this progress, more work remains. The EiE sector needs INEE and our collective action approach to navigate new and emerging problems our sector faces and to enhance EiE interventions through standards, policy, practice, and evidence work. We as INEE - all 21,000+ of us - need a new framework reflective of new needs and our evolving contexts. Based on an extensive review and consultation processin 2023, the INEE Secretariat has prepared a draft new strategic framework to give shape and direction to the network’s collective action through 2030. As this strategic framework will be for the entire INEE network, it is important that you and other members from across the network help develop it.

Please, click on the link below in the language of your preference to review the draft and share your inputs through the feedback form by Friday, 1 March 2024.

This is your chance to help set the direction INEE goes in the next several years. I thank you in advance for your time, your thoughtfulness, and your contributions.