Celebrating the INEE Community of Practice!

Humanitarian Sectors - Education

In June 2021, we established the INEE Community of Practice (CoP) to facilitate the exchange of EiE resources and experience among all members. Since its launch, the CoP has grown to 1,000 members who are active in more than 30 channels and countless direct messages. But the real success is yet to come.

The CoP helps develop a sense of belonging among EiE practitioners from all over the world, with more then 1,000 members enjoying virtual connections across more than 90 countries in the five INEE languages and many others.

Our Slack-based community now includes language-specific channels for general content in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish, as well as 12 thematic channels moderated by experts in each topic. Rich discussions are happening about #child-protection, #distance-education, #teachers, #mhpss-and-sel and much more. Additionally, we recently launched the #ms-update channel to inform and involve our members in the very critical mission of updating the INEE Minimum Standards over the next year.
Meanwhile, we have channels dedicated for geography-focussed content related to #haïti-ayiti, #jordan-الأردن, #myanmar-မြန်မာ, #nigeria, and #syria-سوريا, and we welcome members to volunteer to moderate channels for their own countries.

Beside the linguistic, thematic, and country-based channels, CoP members enjoy the vast functionalities of Slack on any platform and device, including robust direct messaging (60% of CoP posts to date), video and audio calls, emoji reactions, threaded conversations, file attachments, and more. We like to point out to new users that Slack functions a lot like WhatsApp, just a whole lot better. 

As the community grows, we are iterating with a variety of ways to make active engagement interesting, useful in daily work, and even fun. Members are rewarded with emojis and kudos for sharing content, experiences, and challenges. Channel moderators manage audio and video calls, polls, and discussions. And the INEE Secretariat leads synchronous, interactive activities such as “Ask Me Anything” events. The space is well built for testing and trying the full range of member engagement activities, and members are encouraged to suggest their ideas. Help us make the CoP THE place to go for EiE stakeholders everywhere!

Join us today!

The INEE Community of Practice is open to all INEE members. To join, simply complete this form to indicate your interest. You will receive an email invitation from the Slack workspace, and once you are in the CoP, you can watch video tutorials, browse and join channels, and connect with hundreds (if not thousands!) of other INEE members.

Visit inee.org/community-of-practice to learn more.