Ariel Solari

Team Lead, Standards and Practice

Ariel Solari joins INEE as the Coordinator for Standards & Practice. Prior to taking on this role, Ariel has been overseeing NRC's programs in Colombia, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, and Ecuador. Ariel brings more than 20 years of experience working in Education in Emergencies and has worked in a number of contexts over the past two decades including: Gaza, Sudan, Uganda, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, as well as, holding regional and headquarters advisory roles in both Jordan and Oslo.  Ariel started his career as an educator (inclusive education) in his home country of Argentina where he also worked as a social worker. His education background includes higher education degrees in the Social Sciences, Education, Management, International Cooperation and Child Protection. Ariel is also fluent in Spanish and English. Ariel is based in Bogota, Colombia.