The Hidden Impact of COVID-19 on Children's Education

COVID-19 has spread rapidly within and between countries across the globe. Governments worldwide have implemented measures to contain the spread of COVID-19, including school closures, home isolation/quarantine and community lockdown, all of which have had secondary impacts on children and their households. Save the Children launched a global research study to generate rigorous evidence on how the COVID-19 pandemic and measures implemented to mitigate it are impacting children’s health, nutrition, learning, wellbeing, protection, family finances and poverty and to identify children’s and their families’ needs during these times. The research also captures children’s views and messages for leaders and other children.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and related school closures on education provision, learning and wellbeing are severe for most children. Responses to this survey show the most vulnerable and marginalised groups of children have been particularly affected — especially children with disabilities, children from displaced families, children from poorer households, children in larger households and children in households with only female adults.

Given the huge and unprecedented scale of the global crisis in education, and the grave effects of COVID-19 and related school closures on learning and wellbeing, there is a need for concerted global efforts to ensure safe return to school where possible and provision of quality learning resources and support outside of school where necessary. This requires an adequate financial, policy and programming response with a particular emphasis on marginalised children.

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