CP-EiE Collaboration Framework - Checklist for Reopening Schools

Extended school closures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic have had adverse effects on children’s protection, wellbeing and learning. Reopening schools not only provides learning, but also the critical opportunity to address the risks to children’s protection and wellbeing experienced during periods of lockdown, and will require strong collaboration between education and child protection sectors more than ever.

This checklist proposes steps for CP and Education sectors to take as schools prepare to re-open to ensure a coordinated response for children returning to school. It should be read in conjunction with the CP-EiE Collaboration Framework and Tipsheet for CP-EiE Collaboration during COVID-19. While the focus of this paper is& on CP considerations during school reopening, collaboration with other sectors such as Health and WASH, will also be critical at this time.

This checklist provides a non-exhaustive list of suggested actions to coordinate inclusion of CP considerations during school re-opening. Sections 1, 2 and 3 suggest actions to address three main issues during the school re-opening phase; Section 4 provides an indicative timeline for incorporating CP considerations prior to reopening of schools, during reopening,and while schools are reopened.

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