Oula Abu-Amsha

Coordinator, Community of Practice

Oula leads the establishment and management of the new ‘Community of Practice, designed to enhance engagement of education in emergencies (EiE) stakeholders around the world. Oula Abu-Amsha is a former Syrian professor. She completed her Ph.D in Computer Science in 1998, she also holds a master’s degree in Statistic and Stochastic Processes from the University of Joseph Fournier (Grenoble I), France, and an engineering degree from the National School of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, France. She has significant experience of e-learning technologies, curriculum development, having spent 12 years at Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology in Damascus, as well as the University of Damascus, and the Syrian Virtual University. She worked as a consultant for The World Bank, UN-ESCWA, and the French Institute in Lebanon, and has been a visiting scholar in few Swiss universities since 2014. Since her exile in 2012, she started her activities in Education in Emergencies working with the World Bank education team and conducting research in Lebanon. Since 2016, she was the academic adviser of Mosaik Education (formerly The Jamiya Project). Before joining INEE, Oula served students and facilitators from Guyana to Myanmar as the Chief Academic Officer of Jesuit Worldwide Learning. She is also working at present with the Center for Professional Learning on projects related to collaborative teacher training and professional development.

Contact: oula.abu-amsha@inee.org