Youth Guide on Education for Peacebuilding and the Prevention of Violence

This Guide is part of the IICBA’s overall initiative, working in close collaboration with the AU’s Youth for Peace (Y4P) Africa Program, to expand the reach to include youth, especially youth leaders from organizations involved in peacebuilding and education, and teacher trainees from teacher training institutes.

The process of development of this Guide includes a series of dialogues with youth from all subregions across Africa. The dialogues provided opportunities for young people to share their experiences and ideas on how they are impacted by violence and peace, how they can be empowered and become agents of change through education for peace building and prevention of violence. Inputs from the series of dialogues were incorporated in the development and finalization of this Guide, including validation of its purpose, and strategy on how to use, apply, and disseminate it.

The users of the Guide are expected to engage other youth in learning activities in both formal or non-formal education and use the pedagogical approach and the resources to work with children and young people in various settings, including schools, non-formal educational program, community activities and other settings.

This Guide aims to strengthen the capacity of youth leaders in Africa to contribute to peace building through education, and for them to empower young people for the prevention of violence, the promotion of a culture of peace and mutual understanding and respect among peoples.

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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organziation (UNESCO)
UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa


Adolescents and Youth
Education for Peacebuilding
Preventing Violent Extremism