Transitional Justice and Education: Learning Peace

This edited volume examines the relationship between transitional justice and education in peacebuilding contexts: how transitional justice can shape the reform of education systems by ensuring programs are sensitive to the legacies of the past; how it can facilitate the reintegration of children into society; and how education can engage younger generations in the work of transitional justice. Links between different transitional justice measures and education can be established through truth commission reports and recommendations, court-produced educational materials, and outreach programs targeting schools. Challenges include both capacity constraints and political dynamics, making it crucial to consider the interests of stakeholders such as students, educators, schools, governments, communities, and transitional justice advocates. Case studies include Bangladesh, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Chile, Côte d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Lebanon, Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, South Africa, and the former Yugoslavia.

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Research Publication


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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
International Center for Transitional Justice

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Clara Ramírez-Barat, ed., Roger Duthie, ed., Ana Cutter Patel, Pablo de Greiff, Lars Waldorf, Pablo de Greif, Roger Duthie, Alexander Mayer-Rieckh, Pablo de Greiff, Ruth Rubio-Marín


Education for Peacebuilding