Case Study

In their words: Teacher well-being amidst displacement and fragility in Uganda and South Sudan

This case study was collected as part of Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Event Series to share compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice.  For more case studies, click here.


This case study focuses on the research concerning teacher well-being. Many of the teachers have experienced displacement, either during previous conflicts in the region or during the current conflict. Our mixed methods study is taking place over four years (2018-2021), the same duration as the project.

The goal of this initial research has been to better understand local definitions and experiences of wellbeing among teachers and learners. The team will continue to conduct qualitative research throughout the project, and in the third and fourth years of the study, the team will design, pilot, and implement a survey on well-being.