Teacher Wellbeing in Emergency Settings: Regional contextualization, policy, and practice workshop

In 2019, the Teacher Wellbeing Landscape Review presented a research-informed framework that allowed the education in emergencies (EiE) community to fully conceptualize the importance of teacher wellbeing in crisis contexts. It also outlined the extent to which teachers’ own mental health and wellbeing needs had been overlooked and under-addressed in many of the world’s most challenging and protracted settings. 

Building off this publication, with generous support from Education Cannot Wait, INEE next produced two publications that allowed our (EiE) community to a) understand the extent to which resources and programs focused on teacher wellbeing were available, b) understand the degree to which they were (or were not) representative of and appropriate for teachers’ social, cultural, and economic realities, and c) to provide clear, coherent, and actionable principles and recommendations for improving teacher well-being in emergency settings. These documents are the 

To promote and apply these materials, a workshop was designed to bring education actors from different levels of the system together to define and contextualize teacher wellbeing policy and practice priorities. Specifically, workshop participants are meant to be able to:

  1. Describe which section of the Guidance Note on Teacher wellbeing applies to their own work
  2. Discuss how they will incorporate or strengthen teacher wellbeing within their organization’s work
  3. Contribute to a specific, time bound, and practice oriented “Teacher wellbeing Action Plan for [Country, Context, or Region]
  4. Define three personal actions to promote / disseminate the Teacher wellbeing Guidance note in their own organization 

A facilitation pack was developed out of an initial pilot workshop which took place in Ramallah, Palestine, in August 2022 and was co-facilitated by INEE and NRC. The facilitation pack consists of:

  1. Facilitation guide 
  2. Workshop outline
  3. Slide deck
  4. Workbooks 

If you wish to access the facilitation pack and further pilot these materials in your context please email pss-sel@inee.org or teachers@inee.org.

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