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Teacher Wellbeing in Crisis Contexts - sharing good practice, lessons learned and opportunities for change

INEE’s Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Collaborative, in partnership with the LEGO Foundation, Education International, Oxfam, UNESCO, and the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030, have come together to support a Call to Action to transform sector-wide support to teachers in crisis contexts.

Part of this work is to share examples of promising approaches and persistent challenges across policy, practice, and research related to four thematic areas: teacher well-being, teacher management, teacher professional development, and school leadership and governance. 

This webinar is the first in a series to contribute to a growing evidence base on how to improve the ways that we support teachers through prioritizing their well-being. Teacher well-being is key to providing quality, equitable education and improving the classroom climate for all students so children and youth are better able to learn. As our colleague Amina, a Syrian educator, working in Lebanon explained, “When it comes to [teacher] well-being...the teacher has to feel well [to] exude positivity amongst students...if as a teacher you feel safe, and you have someone supporting you and empowering you in your skills, this all is reflected onto the students.”

In this webinar, teachers and Education in Emergencies actors working in Kenya, Lebanon, El Salvador, and Sierra Leone will share their reflections on the challenges and opportunities of supporting teacher well-being in crisis contexts. Through a moderated discussion, these actors will come together to share good practice, lessons learned, and opportunities for change to better support the well-being of teachers doing extraordinary work amidst extraordinarily challenging settings. 

To read more about the teacher well-being case studies the presenters will be discussing click here, or to submit your own case study please click here. You can also find out more about INEE’s recent work on teacher well-being here.

Webinar Recording 

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  • Lindsey Brown, Ph.D. - Research Director of Impact at NYU Global TIES
  • Fernanda Soares - Technical Advisor, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation at FHI 360
  • Suha Tutunji - Education Program Manager at Jusoor

Moderators & Presenters: 

  • Chris Henderson - Teachers College
  • Charlotte Berquin - UNHCR
  • Charlotte Bergin - INEE
  • Danielle Falk - Teachers College
  • Samaya Mansour - Teachers College

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