Student Learning in Emergency Checklist (SLEC)

ML CircleThe Student Learning in Emergency Checklist (SLEC) is a self-report survey that was designed to measure adolescents’ sense of safety, self-regulation, self-efficacy, social support, academic functioning, and feelings of hope. It is intended to provide data for program monitoring and evaluation purposes. It was first administered and tested with a sample of 789 Palestinian students ages 12 - 16 who attended schools implementing the Norwegian Refugee Council’s Better Learning Program in the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem, Hebron, and other areas of the West Bank. Results of the testing indicated two potential versions of the measure that are promising for the intended purpose but that require revisions and further testing. 

Please download tjhe packages for either version 1 or 2 of the measure. Each package includes the corresponding measure in English and Arabic, and the technical working paper and training materials including slides, a trainee notebook, and guide in English. 

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Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø


Social and Emotional Learning


Program monitoring, Program evaluation

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Social-emotional Skills