Social Mobilisation and Children’s Engagement strategies for teachers on Ebola: A Facilitators Guide for Master Trainers

This manual is intended for use by Master Trainers. The manual for its ease to read and use has been divided into sessions. Each session has a title, objective, key activity and estimated duration and a list of the materials required to conduct it. There are detailed instructions about how to carry out the session. The manual can be used as is to train more participants or sessions, activities can be picked out to be delivered with or combined with other trainings. The Manual has been prepared in simple, easy to use language and ready to use.

This manual also guides learners on how communities can promote behaviour and attitudinal change.  

This guide aims to increase the knowledge on social mobilisation and community engagement activities that can be used to engage children during the Ebola outbreak. A mixed method approach is used throughout the training to impart knowledge and skills and improve attitudes of the Master Trainers, teachers and non-Teaching staff in schools and host communities on how to interact with children in the respective communities and sometimes with family members and enlist their support to help children understand the basics in EVD prevention and increase their engagement.

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