The Psychosocial Care and Protection of Children in Emergencies: Teacher Training Manual

UNICEF and its partners are working globally towards an objective of 'education for all' children. Two key components of this effort are increasing both access to educational opportunities, as well as enhancing the overall quality of education for all children. In situations of emergency, ensuring access to quality education is particularly important; given the crucial role that education plays in promoting children’s development, as well as providing structure and a sense of normalcy in fluid environments. These elements are key to sustaining or restoring a child’s sense of well being.

Education and psychosocial support have a dynamic and mutually reinforcing relationship. Effective and child-centred learning promotes the psychosocial well being of both learners and teachers. In turn, consistent psychosocial support ensures more effective learning

In order to strengthen its efforts to promote psychosocial support within educational programming in emergencies, UNICEF has developed these teacher-training materials to promote greater understanding of the impact of and effective responses to the psychosocial impact of emergencies on learners.

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