Peacebuilding Knowledge, Attitudes, and Skills: Desk Review and Recommendations

This report seeks to answer the following question: what knowledge, skills and attitudes do children and adolescents need to cope with conflict, resolve conflict, promote peace, and contribute to peace processes? A secondary question considered in this report is: how can we effectively teach peace knowledge, skills and attitudes in conflict-affected situations? This report seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Review literature on peacebuilding and education interventions that help children prevent, reduce, and cope with violence and promote peace;
  • Describe results from consultations of country offices and staff with relevant experience;
  • Recommend knowledge, skills, and attitudes for peacebuilding that will enrich the development of education tools for conflict-affected environments (including but not limited to the Child and Adolescent Development Kit);
  • Provide a base of coordination for similar initiatives in ECD, Protection, and Sports for Development.

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United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

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Elena Reilly


Education for Peacebuilding