Emergency Response Plan

Pakistan National Education Response and Resilience Plan (K-12) for COVID-19

The National Education Response and Resilience Plan for COVID-19 provides a framework of strategies and interventions for Pakistan’s education system to cope with the effects of COVID-19. Given the COVID-19 emergency and the urgent need to develop a plan for a coordinated national approach, this plan has been developed through a rapid consultative process with provinces and key stakeholders. The plan development also benefited from the desk review of a wide range of existing guidelines including the Framework for Reopening Schools1, best practices, provincial Education Sector Plans, PSLM and PES etc. Provincial and Federal Government actions and responses and the discussions currently being held in local education groups, technical working or Disaster Risk Resilience (DRR) groups also informed the development of this plan.

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Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training, Government of Pakistan


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Humanitarian Sectors - Education