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Original INEE Training Package Adaptation: Urban-Rural Issues

This adaptation of the initial Zamborra scenario in the original training package (sessions on assessment, design, monitoring and evaluation) has roles focused on the difference of education issues in urban and rural settings during a chronic crisis. The scenario states that peace has finally been reached and that the government is faced with contrasted education issues. In the rural areas, infrastructure is damaged and teachers are lacking while in the urban areas, many youth are involved in gangs and there is a considerable number of vulnerable children (street children, child laborers and orphans) who are missing out on education. Using this scenario allows to understand how the INEE Minimum Standards can support a holistic approach to education programming. It was developed by INEE members from Save the Children US and CRS as well as the INEE Secretariat in preparation for a three-day workshop co-organized by Save the Children Alliance and CRS in Haiti.

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