Operational Guidance on Breastfeeding Counselling in Emergencies

This Operational Guidance on Breastfeeding Counselling in Emergencies (OG-BFC/E) is a pragmatic guide which covers key considerations and potential adaptations when applying WHO’s 2018 guidelines in an emergency setting. This guidance is intended to be used by policymakers and other decision makers and programmers working in emergencies (both local/national emergencies and humanitarian emergencies) including governments, United Nations (UN) agencies, national and international non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well as donors, volunteer groups and providers of care to pregnant women and families with infants and young children.

This document recognises that how and when to introduce complementary foods in a manner that does not disrupt exclusive breastfeeding until six months of age and the subsequent continuation of breastfeeding are an important part of counselling. It acknowledges the critical importance of ensuring access to adequate amounts of appropriate, safe, complementary foods and associated support during emergencies. However, this document does not cover complementary feeding counselling specifically. 

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