NORRAG Special Issue 07: Education in Times of Climate Change

In this NORRAG Special Issue, Heila Lotz-Sisitka and Eureta Rosenberg have skilfully curated 28 contributions from 75 authors in 22 countries that showcase what is currently being done to close the gap between the potential of education to contribute to more a sustainable and just world and the experiences of those in education. Part 1 draws lessons across disciplines, issues and contexts. Part 2 addresses ways in which we can expand learning and agency across boundaries from three different continents. Part 3 goes beyond formal schooling to offer lessons in building transformative learning, activism and relations. Part 4 leads the reader past western, rational, techno-scientific ways of knowing to engage diverse knowledges in climate change responses. Parts 5-8 offer a range of perspectives on active engagement with and responsiveness to different learners and demographics for  sustainability and justice. Parts 5 and 6 challenge the reader to listen to and engage with young people and children’s views and voices in climate action. Part 7 focuses on higher education responses and Part 8 concludes the NSI by considering other places and spaces relevant to education for sustainable and just futures.

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Climate Change