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Module on the Teacher Policy Development Guide

This module has been created to promote the development and implementation of crisis-sensitive national teacher policies, in recognition of the important role played by teachers in preparing for and responding to crisis and emergency situations. It complements the Teacher Policy Development Guide (TPDG) released in 2019 by UNESCO and the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030.

The 2019 Guide was designed as a dynamic tool to address emerging teacher policy challenges. It is built on the premise that a holistic teacher policy is needed to improve the quantity and quality of teachers. To be effective in enabling inclusive, quality education, teacher policies must be comprehensive and integrate different interrelated aspects of the profession, such as teacher education, recruitment and retention, deployment, accountability, standards, career structure, teachers’ working conditions, including rewards and remuneration and school governance. In addition, teacher policies need to be well planned, resourced and aligned with other educational and non-educational policies to ensure effective implementation.

This module aims to highlight the importance of crisis-sensitive teacher policies, in order to increase the resilience of education systems, ensuring education stakeholders are better able to prepare for and respond to crises.

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