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Massive Open Online Course Protecting Children During COVID-19 and other IDOS

Learn how to adapt child protection programming to support the wellbeing and development of children during COVID-19 and other IDOs!

This is the second edition of our massive-open online course Child Protection Programs in the Context of COVID-19 and Other IDOs that begins on the 12th of April 2021. To register for this online course, click here

The course is focused on the implications of COVID-19 and other person-person transmitted IDOs in humanitarian and development settings for children’s well-being and protection. 

As you explore the social and developmental consequences of COVID-19 for children, you’ll learn to adjust child protection programming, keep children at the centre and use Child Protection Minimum Standards (CPMS). You will also learn about joining up with other sectors to implement strategies for protecting children and strengthening partnerships with governments.
Learn with experts at the Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action (The Alliance). The course is designed to help child protection practitioners navigate COVID-19 and other infectious disease contexts. You will learn via technical notes produced by The Alliance and endorsed globally and how these have been used by colleagues on the ground.

This course is designed for child protection professionals around the world rising to the challenge of finding creative ways to continue to support the most vulnerable children, families, and communities in the context of public health measures that span from physical distancing to lockdown measures. This may include child protection advisors, coordinators, managers, officers, field managers of national and international NGOs, UN agencies, representatives of government institutions, and child and family-focused members of the social service workforce. Please note that this course is for practitioners with experience in child protection and child and family-focused programming in development and/or humanitarian settings. It is not a comprehensive child protection or child protection in humanitarian action capacity building course.

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