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Life Skills through Drama

The Life Skills through Drama curriculum aims at promoting the protection of Syrian and Lebanese adolescent girls from Gender Based Violence and enhancing their psychosocial wellbeing. This curriculum addresses the basic life skills that adolescent girls living in difficult conditions in any similar cultural context could need. The curriculum relies on active learning through experience, practice, reflection and discussion. And it has been designed based on drama techniques. Varied creative drama techniques were used to serve the objectives including techniques from Theater of the Oppressed. You may find some familiar games and activities that have been modified or developed to suit the intended objectives, and you may also find innovated games and activities by the author such as “Fruit Festival”.

Why Drama?

Dramatic play and acting are effective because:

  • It allows insight by elaborating on the physical/sensory and emotional experience in the ‘here and now’ rather than only relying on thinking. In other words, the process allows the engagement of the whole being in a unified learning experience, combining behaviors, cognitions, emotions, and the social dimension of the being.
  • It can be a rehearsal for real life actions!

The structure

  1. Trust and Support- Foundations for Healthy Relationships
  2. Assertive Communication in Healthy Relationships
  3. Self Esteem and Self Confidence
  4. Coping with Stress and Managing Emotions
  5. Decision Making & Problem Solving
  6. Our Safety in GBV Contexts

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