Leveraging Education in Emergencies for Climate Action

This report, which is the result of a literature review and empirical research, examines the impacts, implications, and repercussions of climate and environmental breakdown for the field of education in emergencies (EiE). It explores how climate change and environmental degradation are compounding, exacerbating, and multiplying hazards and disaster risks, and hence heightening the already significant challenges confronting EiE. The report considers how EiE has so far addressed these challenges, as they continue to manifest as rapid- and slow-onset threats. It also suggests new directions the field might take to respond more thoroughly to climate and environmental breakdown. The central research question is: How can EiE—along with other sectors and actors across the nexus—respond most effectively to ever more severe climate- and environment- induced crises in order to ensure the right to quality education for crisis-affected children and youth?

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Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies


Climate Change
Risk Reduction and Resilience