Lessons Learned for Peace: How Conflict Analyses Informed UNICEF's Peacebuilding and Education Programming

The purpose of Lessons Learned for Peace is to share UNICEF’s experience in conducting conflict analyses as a prerequisite for social services programming in fragile and conflict-affected contexts. As part of UNICEF’s Peacebuilding, Education and Advocacy programme, supported by the Government of the Netherlands from 2012-2016, UNICEF commissioned conflict analyses in 14 countries that informed education and other social services interventions at the system, institutional, community and individual levels. The challenges, opportunities and lessons-learned of conflict analysis research in fragile and post-conflict contexts are illustrated and discussed.

It is hoped that this publication helps inspire innovative and fit-for-context programming approaches for fragile and conflict-affected countries, and encourages policymakers, practitioners and influencers to make sure that the delivery of social services is operationalized in ways that are conflict-sensitive, at minimum, and at best, they make crucial contributions to peace.

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Education for Peacebuilding