Learning and Behaviour Support

This Edukans training manual is intended as a guide to train people in how to respond to the needs of students with learning and behavioural problems, such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, lack of motivation, aggression and anxiety. Troubled behaviour is often a child's way of communicationg distress and, in these cases, the right kind of response can make all the difference. Behavioural and learning difficulites are well-recognized problems all over the world, and inclusive learning is on top of the educational agenda. When a person has more knowledge about learning & behavioural difficulties, he or she can understand the situation that the child is facing and offer suitable suport.

This manual aims to help programme managers and trainers to give training to their staff in: understanding the diverse needs of vulnerable students, the origins of learning and behavioural problems, their implications, and a variety of effective support strategies and interventions. The manual is meant to be used by master trainers who can further train teachers, social workers, NGO staff, mentors, relief workers, government officials, mental health workers, and counselors.

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Learning and Behaviour Support manual


Published by

Edukans, the Netherlands

Authored by

Maat, H., Pietersma, J., Santema, A.


Inclusive Education - Special Needs
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)