Case Study

Jusoor Case Study: An Adaptive Management Approach to New Teacher Training in Crisis Contexts

This case study was collected as part of Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Event Series to share compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice.  For more case studies, click here.


To maintain a safe and vibrant place for primary-aged Syrian children to succeed academically, Jusoor needed to devise a strategy to recruit, to train, and to retain qualified teachers amongst the displaced Syrian community. Further, Jusoor needed to ensure that these teachers were equipped with skills to teach in emergency education contexts and to meet the specific needs of children and youth displaced by war. Jusoor adopts an adaptive management strategy to
the recruitment, training, and retention of qualified teachers for Jusoor’s three schools. Jusoor maintains a forty-plus person staff of teachers and administrators across schools, serving around 1,200 children on an annual basis.