Journal on Education in Emergencies Volume 9, Number 1

This issue of the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) features the collective attention actors in the education in emergencies (EiE) community have given to understudied questions and underrepresented voices in conflict and crisis contexts. The contributing authors present EiE research and fieldwork that attends to and responds to context in a wide variety of settings, including Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Nigeria, Lebanon, Iraq, Georgia, Pakistan, Indonesia, Myanmar, Bangladesh, and Colombia.

JEiE Volume 9, Number 1 adds to the evidence on the factors that influence whether students resume their education or drop out permanently when shocks disrupt their schooling; on the ways remedial education can help out-of-school students resume their education; on how locally relevant framings of hope, self-concept, resilience, and vulnerability influence students’ aspirations and elevate teachers’ agency within the global EiE discourse; and on the efficacy of social and emotional learning interventions that respond to students’ age- and gender-related realities.

This issue includes five research articles, five field notes, and four book reviews. Our field notes section features a Special Subsection on Education in Pandemics. The authors of the four articles in this subsection offer lessons on the design and delivery of community-based and distance education during public health crises, as well as insights into the factors that boost the resilience of education systems as COVID-19 transitions from an acute shock to a system stressor. In these articles, the authors underscore the value of culturally responsive curricula, flexibility in higher education, alternative schooling models for hard-to-reach students and those living in extreme poverty, and the benefits that providing teacher training and in-person teacher visitations have for education continuity during pandemic-related school closings.


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