Journal on Education in Emergencies Volume 8, Number 1

This issue of the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) offers a review of a broad range of dilemmas facing the field of education in emergencies (EiE). It provides actionable data along with insights for improving wellbeing and learning outcomes among children in conflict and crisis settings. This issue brings attention to efforts in the EiE field to support more equitable and social justice-oriented ways of working, especially as concerns the creation and dissemination of EiE data and evidence.

JEiE Volume 8, Number 1 includes seven research articles, two field notes, a commentary, and two book reviews. It offers cutting-edge research and field work conducted by teams comprised of practitioners, researchers, and policymakers who live and work among diverse populations in an array of geographic settings, including the Middle East, South America, South Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. Several articles in this issue are global in scope, commenting in particular on EiE practice and on refining frameworks for understanding our work in conflict and crisis settings, while other articles encourage using lessons learned from the implementation of EiE programs or policies in one setting and applying them in other EiE contexts.

The authors who contributed to this issue address the effects of conflict and crisis on education and assess the effects of children’s mental health and wellbeing on learning. Others pose solutions for supporting early literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional learning, both within schools and for out-of-school children. Yet other authors interrogate how to achieve social cohesion, social justice, and peace by reimagining the role of education and training for young people whose lives have been affected by armed conflict and other big questions of our time, such as climate change and sustainable development. Cogent analyses of the problems inherent in the structure and organization of EiE programming, data, and research round out this issue.


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