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Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 7, Number 1

This special issue of JEiE contributes to a small but growing body of research evidence and lessons from programming implementation about early childhood development (ECD) in emergencies and humanitarian contexts.


In this issue:

Editorial Note: Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 7, Number 1 Sweta Shah and Joan Lombardi

Effects of Two Early Childhood Interventions on the Developmental Outcomes of Children in Post-Earthquake Nepal Jonathan Seiden, Valeria Kunz, Sara Dang, Matrika Sharma, and Sagar Gyawali

Early Childhood Development in the Aftermath of the 2016 Wildfires in Alberta, Canada Julie L. Drolet, Caroline McDonald-Harker, Nasreen Lalani, Sarah McGreer, Matthew R. G. Brown, and Peter H. Silverstone

Field Note: Home Visiting in the Middle East: Reflections on the Implementation of Reach Up and Learn Katelin Swing Wilton, Aimée Vachon, Katie Maeve Murphy, Ayat Al Aqra, Abdullah Ensour, Iman Ibrahim, Anas Tahhan, Kayla Hoyer, and Christine Powell

Field Note: Building Resilience and Mitigating the Impact of Toxic Stress in Young Children: A Model for Transforming Parenting and Male Caregiving in El Salvador Fabiola A. Lara

Field Note: Implementing a Humanitarian Needs Assessment Framework for Early Childhood Development: Informing Intervention Design for Displaced Rohingya Communities in Bangladesh Kim Foulds, Naureen Khan, Sneha Subramanian, and Ashraful Haque

Field Note: BRAC Humanitarian Play Lab Model: Promoting Healing, Learning and Development for Displaced Rohingya Children Erum Mariam, Jahanara Ahmad, and Sarwat Sarah Sarwar

Field Note: Accessible Strategies to Support Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing in Emergencies: Experience from the Rohingya Refugee Camp Samier Mansur

Commentary: Newborns in Fragile and Humanitarian Settings: A Multi-Agency Partnership Roadmap Saverio Bellizzi, Lori McDougall, Sheila Manji, and Ornella Lincetto

Commentary: Supporting Maternal Mental Health and Nurturing Care in Humanitarian Settings Bernadette Daelmans, Mahalakshmi Nair, Fahmy Hanna, Ornella Lincetto, Tarun Dua, and Xanthe Hunt

Commentary: Children with Developmental Disorders in Humanitarian Settings: A Call for Evidence and Action Xanthe Hunt, Theresa Betancourt, Laura Pacione, Mayada Elsabbagh, and Chiara Servili

Book Review: Collaborative Cross-Cultural Research Methodologies in Early Care and Education Contexts, edited by Samara Madrid Akpovo, Mary Jane Moran, and Robyn Brookshire Amy Jo Dowd

Book Review: Early Childhood Development in Humanitarian Crises: South Sudanese Refugees in Uganda by Sweta Shah Kate Schwartz

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