Joint Guidance Note on Post Conflict Needs Assessment and Transitional Results Frameworks

The United Nations and the World Bank have worked together for several years in co-coordinating post-conflict needs assessments. There is a need for a concerted international response, a truly shared partnership for post-crisis recovery, more closely coordinated political, security, humanitarian and development assistance behind peace-building objectives, and centrality of national institutional development for a sustainable exit from crisis. Developed in consultation with many partners as well as all parts of the UN system, this paper takes account of those lessons and lays out a revised international platform for post-crisis recovery planning. In addition to reviewing the lessons of recent post-conflict planning processes (Timor-Leste, Afghanistan, Iraq, Liberia, Haiti, Sudan, Somalia), the paper builds on a number of previous approaches and tools, in particular the first Practical Guide to Multilateral Needs Assessments in Post-Conflict Situations produced by the German Agency for Development.

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