It's Her Business: A Handbook for Preparing Young, At-Risk Women to Become Entrepreneurs

This handbook is a practical resource for organisations seeking to start or strengthen entrepreneurship programs for young, at-risk women. It outlines the essential components of successful entrepreneurship programs, discusses common challenges and considerations, and provides other useful tips and resources.

For many young women, entrepreneurship can expand their options and offer an alternative route out of poverty. We recognize the diversity of young people’s lives, and this handbook is not intended to take the place of the specialized work your organization may be doing to help young people cope with their particular circumstances. However, lack of access to resources is a common theme among all of the young women whose ideas and voices have shaped this handbook. It is these young women’s persistent need for safe, sustainable sources of income—amidst all of the other challenges they face—that has led us to focus on entrepreneurship. This handbook draws on available materials concerning entrepreneurship, gender, and youth development, especially in developing country settings. 

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