InZone Kakuma and Kalobeyei Higher Education Needs Assessment

Using a grassroots transformative approach, this needs assessment examines the higher education needs of refugees living in Kakuma and Kalobeyei refugee camp, Kenya. The data collection was carried out between November and December 2020 and gathers the views of selected refugees, host community members and a limited number of service providers operating in the camp, on what the needs of the InZone higher education programme in the camp are. Due to Covid-19 and other restrictions on movement and interaction in Kakuma and Kalobeyei, the study sample is limited to 114 individuals who participated in a survey and 3 focus group discussion on their higher education needs. The main needs highlighted by the participants presented in this report relate to offering a wider subject area choice, longer courses, increased technical and pedagogical support and providing more appropriate facilities to enable improved learning.

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Published by

University of Geneva - Inzone

Authored by

Paul O'Keeffe, Samuel Niyonkuru, Betty Peter, Dieu Merci Luundo


Levels of Learning - Tertiary Education

Geographic Focus