Including Children with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action: Education

Including Children with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action: Education is designed for UNICEF field staff – including education humanitarian field officers, coordinators, specialist and advisors – as well as UNICEF’s partners and others involved in humanitarian work. It provides practical tips and offers entry points for making sure that education in emergencies takes children with disabilities into account.

The purpose of Including Children with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action is to strengthen the inclusion of children and women with disabilities and their families in emergency preparedness, response and early recovery, and recovery and reconstruction. This series of booklets provides insight into the situation of children with disabilities in humanitarian contexts, highlights the ways in which they are excluded from humanitarian action, and offers practical actions and tips to better include children and adolescents with disabilities in all stages of humanitarian action. The booklets were created in response to UNICEF colleagues in the field expressing a need for a resource to guide their work. The information and recommendations are based on evidence and good practices gathered from literature and field staff experiences.

This resource is also available in a range of accessible formats, including EPUB, a Braille-ready file and accessible HTML formats, which you can access here.

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